The Portugueses Limestone are known as one of the best sedimentary rocks in the world.
The Portuguese Limestone is timeless, evident in the big monuments of Europe and South America.
Modern architectural projects can be appreciate in the 5 Continents, where the architects give privilege to this stone in floor and wall tiles, facades interiors and exteriors.
the soft and harmonious beige colour blends perfectly with other materials such as: wood, steel, glassy and ceramic.
the physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics allow applications of waterproofing product and acrylic wax, etc., that gives them more protection in its surface and resistance.
The finishing versatility is another advantage that is reflected in the bright textures polished, softened, brushed, scoured, blasted, scoured-brushed, bushammered, etc.
Physico-Mechanical Properties 

Compression Break Load- 85.0 MPa
Compression BL alter Freezing Test- 86.0 MPa
Bending Strenght- 10.8 MPa
Volumetric Weight- 2309 Kg/m3
Water Absortption- 2.8 %
Aparent Porosity- 6.9 %
Termal Lin. Expan. Coef.- 4.2 10^6perºC
Abrasion Test- 4.0 mm
Impact Test- 30-35 cm
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